Same Day Dental Crowns 

The convenience of single visit dentistry

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Want to get your teeth repaired but heard that it takes a couple of dental visits, plus up to 2 weeks wait as you walk around with temporary fillings?

Temporary Fillings
Urgh…temporary fillings! They have their place, but what if you want to go out for dinner? You don’t want to feel awkward all night because you’re scared they may fall out!
At Verve Dental we can help you get your teeth repaired with revolutionary ceramic materials that closely resemble your actual teeth – all in one visit. And you won’t even have to have your mouth filled with those impression materials!
Verve Dental
Verve Dental
How is this possible? Verve Dental uses state of the art CEREC German CAD-CAM technology. This allows us to use computerized images that instruct a milling machine at our dental practice to produce your crowns, veneers or fillings in one visit.

Wondering What CEREC Is?

We use this German technology to produce your crowns, veneers or fillings in one visit


Old metal fillings work okay, but can be unsightly and kill your confidence.


New ceramic restorations are almost none detectable, creating a smile that you can't wait to show the world.

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