Root Canal Treatment in Bentleigh East

If your tooth has become infected it may be possible to save it with root canal treatment. Using the most up to date and modern processes, Dr Kamal Raj has been providing painless root canal treatment to patients for over 30 years.

Root canal treatment
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Why do I need root canal treatment?

If the pulp or nerve of your tooth has become infected it is only possible through root canal treatment to clean and remove this infection. Doing this will avoid (further) pain, infections  and abscesses. If left unchecked, the infection from inside your tooth can spill into the surrounding jaw bone and eat away at the bone. This can sometimes lead to permanent bone loss and loss of teeth.
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How much does root canal cost?

Depending on the type of tooth (incisor, premolar or molar) and number and complexity of the actual canals, the cost will be $1200 to $1800. Once Root canal treatment is completed, it is recommended that a porcelain crown be made to protect the tooth from further damage.

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Can’t I just have the tooth removed?

Of course this is always an option. It must also be weighed against living with the missing tooth and replacing the tooth. Sometimes saving the tooth is better than having it removed. Alternatively, if the tooth is heavily damaged you sometimes have no choice but to have it removed.

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How long does root canal last for?

If done well and along with a Dental Crown that seals the tooth it should last many decades. However, a root canal tooth is more prone to fracturing than a normal tooth and care must be taken.

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