Dentist Journal

I hear a lot of scary stories about the dentist, should I be worried?

Search online for anything these days and you’ll come across a lot of bad news and warning stories. Watch the TV news and listen to the radio, and you’ll notice that the top stories will usually be negative, scary, bad or sad!

Which may be why dental horror stories are told and retold. When you hear dental horror stories shared at parties, it’s usually a second cousin’s, boyfriend’s, neighbour who had “the root canal from hell experience.” And scary stories are far more interesting than positive dentist stories like:

“I went to my dentist today and I’m so excited! He’s going to whiten my teeth so I can out-smile everyone in the wedding photos…” or,

“I was so worried about having to wear dentures like my grandfather did, but my dentist has an amazing, modern technique where I can keep my teeth!”

If you’d like to stop believing the scary stories, find an experienced dentist that listens to you and makes you feel relaxed and comfortable.