Dentist Journal

At what age should I bring in my children?

New parents often wonder when their children should first see a dentist. We encourage parents to bring their children into Verve Dental from as young as one year old. This gives your child the opportunity to hear, smell and see all the interesting and new things in our modern dental practice. And this first visit is also a great time to discuss:

  • How to care for your infant or toddler’s mouth,
  • Oral habits, including thumb sucking,
  • Teething and development milestones, and
  • The link between good diet and oral health.

Usually, by the age of three, your child will be ready for their first dental examination. We like to make it fun and ‘take them for a ride’ in the chair, show them how everything works and give them stickers and toothbrushes. Concerned that your child won’t sit still? That’s okay, they can sit in your lap! Our goal is to make your child’s first dental examination a fun, memorable and important milestone for both of you.