Dentist Ormond

A Dentist with experience who priorities you and your family’s health and well being? Look no further than Verve Dental, just an eight minute drive from Ormond station.

From routine check ups to more advanced and tailored solutions such as dentures, root canals and veneers, Dr. Kamal Raj and his friendly and professional team are ready to help you achieve the smile that you deserve.

30 years of experience and counting, Dr. Raj is a member of the independent dentists network which prides itself on being able to provide the in depth and personable care which is becoming harder and harder to find as profits lead the way in the health industry.

Families, singles, couples and seniors make up the wide portfolio of clients that Verve Dental has seen throughout its years as a local go-to for the inner South Eastern suburbs. Throughout its years, generations of the same family have entered its doors and left with the satisfied feeling that they can feel confident and at ease with their oral health.

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