Dentist Journal

Oral Changes During Menopause

Women most commonly undergo menopause between the ages of 45 and 55. This is accompanied by a decline in your hormone levels resulting in changes to your body. Unsurprisingly, the mouth is not spared during this time of change. You may notice burning sensations, dry mouth, altered taste and inflamed gums. It is not unusual […]

Patient Advocacy

When you go to your dentist in East Bentleigh, how do you feel? It’s normal to feel a bit anxious; after all it’s not as exciting as going on an overseas holiday or winning lotto! At Verve Dental, we practice patient advocacy – which means that your entire dental experience is focused on making you […]

Why do baby teeth matter

There is a misconception out in the wider community that baby teeth are not important because the adult teeth will eventually replace these teeth and therefore they do not need to be looked after. Unfortunately this is an incorrect assumption that we occasional see at Verve Dental – dentist Bentleigh Baby teeth serve a specific […]

Why does food taste awful after brushing your teeth

Have you ever wondered why food taste so strange soon after brushing your teeth? This is especially so when you drink orange juice after you have cleaned your teeth in the morning. Your Mint Toothpaste is not the culprit Many people assume that the strong mint flavour overwhelms the taste buds and causes the unpleasant […]

Do I really need a full mouth makeover?

There’s a house at the end of our street that’s pretty run down. The garden is over grown, driveway uneven and the house paint is peeling off. Sometimes, I see the Dad patching up parts of the house with paint or repairing a window frame that’s broken. And even though the family that live there […]