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Chewing Gum

Benefits of chewing gum – How much of the health benefits are true?

Are there any real benefits to chewing gum? Flashy colours and fancy packaging may look attractive and appealing, but is that all there is? It’s tempting to buy into the health claims that the gum companies put forth, especially since gum is so readily available and a checkout staple. So let’s look into it further […]

Brush Your Teeth

How long should you brush your teeth for? – Some tips and tricks to help you hit 2 minutes

A 2012 systematic review of 59 papers published in International Journal of Dental Hygiene found that, on average, people who brushed for one minute removed about 27 percent of plaque. When people brushed for two minutes, they removed around 41 percent of the plaque on their teeth Self (2018) Time is relative. The first 2 minutes […]

Tooth Decay

Can tooth decay heal? – Information about tooth decay

There’s been some discussion over the years amongst the health conscious about whether we could heal small cavities. To dentist fearing individuals, this may be great news as it saves them a trip to the clinic but how much truth is there to this rumour? Let’s investigate further…. Small cavities CAN be healed to an […]

Invisalign v Braces – What’s the difference?

What’s the difference? Many people ask us what the differences are between braces and Invisalign as they aim to achieve the same goal of straighter teeth and a more even smile. Although similarities are definitely shared, we thought we’d take you through some of the main differences between the two. Braces fix more complex problems […]

10 fresh reasons to visit the dentist

Instead of boring you to tears with reasons for health and well being (which are totally valid and which we still back up and agree with 100%) consider these unexpected reasons next time you’re weighing up the visit Dentist Bentleigh East : 1. For you millennials, it’s one of the biggest signs of adulting 2. If you […]

Your dentist is a disease detective

Your mouth is very important. For eating, talking and of course smiling. But did you know your mouth also contains many clues into what is happening in the rest of your body. Which is why routine examinations with your dentist is very important. We are not only looking for cavities and gum disease but looking […]