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Children dentistry

5 Signs Your Child May Need To See The Dentist

Is your child experiencing a dental issue, and you’re unsure whether you need to take them to the dentist or not? As a dental practitioner, I come across many parents worried about their child’s oral health. It’s always better to visit your dentist if you’re unsure, as we can provide an expert opinion on the […]

Dental implant

The Basics of Dental Implants: What Are They and When Do You Need One?

As a medical practitioner, I have noticed that most patients want to learn everything about their dental procedures before their appointment. Dental implants are a common occurrence – so, what is a dental implant, and why do you need one? Find out more about dental implants, including why people need dental implants, what the procedure […]

yellow teeth

Why Do Our Teeth Yellow As We Age? 4 Tips for Preventing Yellowing

I help patients who want to achieve that perfect, pearly-white smile every day. Unfortunately, taking good care of your teeth by brushing regularly and flossing won’t keep your teeth white forever. Yellowing is inevitable, but that doesn’t mean you can’t slow the process and restore the whiteness of your teeth. This guide should help you […]

Bentleigh East dentist

How We Practice Preventative Care At Verve Dental

As a dental health practitioner, I often notice that patients come in when they detect an issue with their dental health rather than taking steps to prevent it. When patients practise preventative care alongside their dentist, they are more likely to spot issues with their dental health before they develop into something more significant. Keep […]

dental cleaning

Get a Thorough Dental Clean Every 6 Months: Top Reasons Why

As a dental health practitioner, patients frequently ask me how to improve their oral hygiene to prevent tooth decay. We can brush our teeth daily, floss, and use mouthwash, but is that enough? Keep reading to find the reasons why you should visit the dentist every 6 months for a thorough clean to protect your […]

treating gum disease

Do You Have Receding Gums? How To Identify And Treat Them

Every day, I assist patients who are unhappy with their smiles for both cosmetic and health-related reasons. One of the things I regularly help patients with is treating a receding gum line. Are you unsure what receding gums are and why they need treatment? Keep reading to learn more about receding gum lines, including how […]