Dental Crowns

A dental crown is a special type of restoration that is done to either repair damaged teeth, improve their appearance or both. Many choices are available for what the crown can be made from including gold, precious metals, porcelain and resin. Often, crowns are made from a combination of these materials to improve strength and durability.

Today, the most common material used for dental crowns is porcelain. This material provides the ideal combination of strength, durability and lifelike tooth appearance. The making of porcelain crowns is often completed by highly skilled ceramic dental technicians to recreate the texture and colour of real teeth. Quite often, porcelain crowns can be difficult to pick from the neighbouring teeth.

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Why get dental crowns in Melbourne

Over the years, teeth can sustain damage for a variety of reasons. Decay, fracture or discoloration for example. Over the lifetime of a tooth, fillings may progressively become larger resulting in less and less natural tooth remaining. All these reasons and more, may mean a dental crown is the best choice to preserve what is left of the tooth.

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How long does it take to make a dental crown?

In most cases at Verve dental, dental crowns can be provided in one visit. This is especially so for crowns on molars and other back teeth. We do this using our CEREC technology.

However, when the appearance of the crown is critical , we recommend 2 appointments. In this way, we can be assured of obtaining the best colour possible by our highly trained ceramic technician.

When we make crowns over 2 visits, we place a temporary crown over your tooth /teeth while the final crown is being made. When you return for the second visit, the temporary is removed and your new crown is checked for fit and colour before it is bonded in place.

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How much do dental crowns cost?

Crowns cost between $1,700 and $2,200 depending on the material used.
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Same day dental crowns

Want to get your teeth repaired but heard that it takes a couple of dental visits, plus up to 2 weeks wait as you walk around with temporary fillings?


Old metal fillings work okay, but can be unsightly and break easily.

Teeth with old metal fillings
Teeth with new ceramic restorations


New ceramic restorations completed in a day are almost non detectable, creating a smile that you can’t wait to show the world.