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Cosmetic Dentistry

Have you noticed that your teeth, gums, and mouth aren’t like they used to be? Overheard your children or grandchildren saying that your teeth “look old and yellow”? Or maybe your teeth have been filled so many times that they’ve worn down and become discolored?

Over the years our teeth can get damaged, chipped, broken and can even fall out. Unfortunately, teeth don’t regenerate – but because of modern Dental science we can rebuild your teeth so they look as good as new.

Cosmetic Dentist in
Bentleigh East

A full mouth makeover at Verve Dental can rejuvenate your mouth to make it function better and get stronger. Using his extensive post-graduate education and over 30 years experience and training, Dr. Kamal Raj uses a combination of:




Dental implants

Ceramic onlays, and


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If your mouth has been destroyed by cavities, gum disease, accidents or bite problems a full mouth makeover gives you the opportunity to start again.

Here in Bentleigh East our team at Verve Dental will look after your cosmetic dental needs

Experienced Compassionate Dentist

Do you feel your teeth aren’t at their best and you it’s difficult for you to smile? With over 30 years experience and having treated 100’s of people you can be assured that Dr. Kamal Raj understands how you feel.

We Make the Process Stress Free

Working in close collaboration with you, our years of experience means you can be confident of an amazing result.

Advanced Technology but Gentle Touch

Through his years of extensive post-graduate training in cosmetic dentistry, we only incorporate the latest technology to assure you of a comfortable pain-free experience.

Affordable Dental Fees

At Verve Dental, we pride ourselves on being 100% transparent on fees. All options and your priorities are outlined to help you make an informed decision. Additionally, flexible payment plans are available in suitable cases.

Before and after full mouth makeover

Full Mouth Makeover

Using Dental Veneers and orthodontics to achieve a memorable smile

Before and after replace metal fillings

Replace Mercury Fillings

Using the latest technology to eliminate the need for metal fillings

Before and after veneer and ortho

Veneers & Orthodontics

Improving your smile with dental veneers and orthodontics

Before and after braces


Using braces we can permanently improve your smile

Before and after invisalign braces


Changing smiles and changing lives is what we love

Before and after invis braces


We have mastered our technique to correct your smile

Before and after dental crowns

Dental Crowns

Look years younger by improving your smile with crowns and veneers

Before and after smile makeover dental veneer

Dental Veneers

Bring vitality back to your smile

Before and after veneer makeover

Veneer Makeover

Thanks to veneers her smile looks even better

Before and after dental veneers


Veneers to rejuvenate your worn and stained teeth

Before and after full mouth makeover

Full Mouth Makeover

Our full mouth makeovers will give you the confidence you need to smile all day

Before and after smile transformation

Smile Transformation

Your face will light up when you see your new smile