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Why do baby teeth matter

There is a misconception out in the wider community that baby teeth are not important because the adult teeth will eventually replace these teeth and therefore they do not need to be looked after. Unfortunately this is an incorrect assumption that we occasional see at Verve Dental – dentist bentleighBaby teeth serve a specific purpose. They are there to maintain the space for permanent or adult teeth. If baby teeth are lost prematurely due to decay this can cause issues with space loss or drifting. In many cases when the baby molars are removed because of decay or infection this will leave a gap which may cause the opposing tooth in the arch to lean forward, resulting in the closure of the gap. This will cause issues when the adult tooth is ready to erupt. Either the adult tooth may remain trapped in the gum or it may erupt in another position causing crowding in the jaw or “crooked teeth”.Another huge reason why baby teeth are important is because children need to be able to chew and eat with healthy teeth. Children have growing and thriving bodies and they require an abundance of nutritious foods to keep them healthy. Without proper teeth chewing and eating can become a problem and children may not get the nutrients they require to grow and develop. Also missing teeth can be an embarrassment at school and children can be picked on by other children.What to be mindful about your children’s teeth:

Always make sure that children below the age of 10 have a parent to assist and monitor brushing. Children need to be brushing two times a day, at night time before they go to bed and in the morning after they eat their breakfast. Children under the age of 6 should be using low fluoride toothpaste or “children’s toothpaste”. Children above the age of 6 can use adult strength toothpaste.

So make sure you bring your children for regular check-ups to Verve Dentist Bentleigh East